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City Bites

Kune falls

The waterfall is centrally located in the Khandala- Lonavala valley and is a beautiful spot. The beautiful Kune Waterfalls are the 14th highest in India located in Lonavala, a town in the Pune district of Maharashtra. The height of the falls is 660 feet. This three-tiered waterfall has one long drop of 330 feet. The drop in the other section is almost 300 feet. Visitors from Mumbai can see the waterfall from a distance as they approach Khandala. The entire waterfall is a magnificent work of art of Mother Nature with the enriched background of greenery. It is really a beautiful sight to the visitor. A popular picnic spot, the area is surrounded by lush greenery. It is a great place to go to. Being a seasonal one, the falls will shrink after about a month from the last rains.

Bushi Dam

Situated on the Indrayani river, Bhushi Dam is a kind of masonry dam. The place remains cheerful and attracts a number of visitors. The ideal time to pay a visit to this dam is during the monsoons as the water level rises which adds more fun. The overflowing water through the steps of the dam entices people to play and add a fun time in their vacation. It leads to getting so crowded that visitors find it hard to get a vigorous standing spot.

Lonavala Lake

Situated at about an hour’s drive away from Pune, is the beautiful and tranquil Lonavala lake which serves as the perfect location for the couples. The lake is popularly known as the monsoon lake because it gets filled with water during monsoon The place is the best tourist attraction in Lonavala for bird lovers especially during monsoon when the birds of different species can be spotted on the fringes of this charming lake. The beautiful weather is complemented with the handy food items like Mumbai’s vada pav, smoked corn, shaved gola, chaat with hot ginger tea. Other than bird watching there are other activities also that the visitors can indulge in like swimming, sporting activities, and nature walk. The best time to visit the Lonavala lake is during the monsoon. You can also do camping there.

Ryewood Park

It was originally designed as a botanical garden located near Lonavala market.

It spreads over an area of 25 acres, Ryewood Park houses numerous ornamental plants and old trees. It was reconstructed later, and a wide variety of flowers were planted here. The park is located close to the Lonavala market and is just half a kilometer away from the railway station. It is an ideal visiting spot for the tourists as well as for the local people, to sit on the clean wooden benches, stroll around the tall trees and relax with the near and dear ones. Swings are also incorporated in one part of this attraction in Lonavala. It is a favorite corner of the kids who are visiting the park. Apart from the varieties of trees and flowering plants, the park also has an old Shiva Temple within its premises. Early mornings and late evenings are pleasant here.

This is the most jovial place you will ever visit.

Karla caves

Karla caves are among the oldest Buddhist cave shrines in India is located on the Pune-Mumbai highway at Karla near Lonavala Maharashtra, at a distance of 11 km from Lonavala, 59 km from Pune & 107 km from Mumbai. It is the largest Hinaya Buddhist Chaitya in India and some of its 2000 years old beams are still alive. A famous tourist destination, the inscriptions, and stupas of these caves are simply flustering. The Karla Caves or Karle Caves are a complex of ancient Indian Buddhist cave temples. Karla cave is a well-known historical Place to visit near Mumbai and Pune protected by Archaeological Survey of India.