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City Bites

Kondana Caves

Kondana Caves, nestled cosily in the midst of a dense and magnificent forest near Kondana Village, is located 33 kilometres north of Lonavala and about 15 kilometres from Karjat, Maharashtra. These caves were discovered in the 1st century BC and consist of intricate and delicate carvings of Buddhist architecture. The beauty of these caves is enhanced furthermore by the sparkling waterfalls nearby. It is a sight never to be missed especially during the monsoons when the pristine waters descend from the top of the caves.

Peth Fort

Kothaligad is more commonly known as the fort of Peth because the village of Peth is situated at its base. The pinnacle of the Peth can be seen from the village. On reaching the top of the fort, we see caves carved in huge rocks. Along the Bhairoba cave, steps are carved leading the pinnacle. Small water tanks and some cannon balls are scattered on the fort. The first one is the cave of Goddess, besides which is a water cistern and the last one is the specious Bhairoba cave. A flat floor and well-sculpted pillars are specialty of the cave.

Kothligad Trek

Kothaligad is a hill fort in Maharashtra.The pinnacle of the fort is shaped in the form of a vertical funnel, lending it a peculiar look. There are caves carved out of huge rocks at the top of the fort, alongside a pond perfectly square in shape. There are cisterns of water within the fort. An array of cannon balls can be found. The top of the fort presents a very picturesque view of the forests of Bhimashankar to the North and the pinnacle of Dhak-Bahiri towards the South-West.

Bhivgad Trek

Located in the district of Raigad, this fort offers a nice trek in close companionship to the fort of Dhak Bahiri. There are two caves and a few water cisterns at the top. There is also a beautiful waterfall that is worth visiting in the monsoon. There are some fortifications still left, and the remnants of some old structures near the top. There is a stone idol of some unknown deity near the caves. The top of the fortress offers a panoramic view of the trek route to Dhak Bahiri.