About Us

Why Choose Us

cvr hotels

We believe that hospitality is all about human connection. We endeavor to create unique and memorable travel experiences that bring joy to our guests. This is also our brand promise, where we believe every encounter is a discovery of love.

At CVR Group of Hotels, our success is not appraised by the number of hotels under our fold, but by the number of lives we touch and inspire along the way.

CVR Group of hotels believes in giving back to society and sharing our success with the community. We welcome you to Discover Love with us at CVR Group of hotels.

Our Target

We want to improve the volume and structure of hospitality services, thereby satisfying the wishes and expectations of all parties: guests, business partners, travel agencies, etc.

24/7 Service

The hotel is staffed according to occupancy but there is always someone at the desk 24/7.


Safety and Security is always the first priority for our guest service.

Management Team